3D or not 3D

Obviously, we live in an age obsessed with technology and obsessed with this furious need for speed which now seems to apply to how fast we can get over one gadget and move onto the next one.  Our collective attention span is decreasing at such a rate that soon we will only be interested in our new phones for the 15 minutes or so that we’re in the shop choosing them.  However this may not be a problem because it already seems like a new smartphone is being released every 15 minutes so we can all just swiftly move onto the next one without getting too bored.

The main purpose of this blog is to discuss the 3D fashion which is gripping the world.  It is now seemingly so important that we feel fully immersed in whatever we are watching on the big screen that we can now enjoy 3D on the small screens of our homes too – though as I understand it this does mean that you have to watch television in 3D glasses and the majority of 3D glasses are somewhat less than cool.

As an actual prescription glasses wearer I am somewhat naturally disposed to be staying off the 3D bandwagon.  There is something so aesthetically ridiculous about wearing 2 pairs of glasses (one on top of the other) to watch a film that I had rather see the 2D picture in perfect clarity than see a fuzzy picture leaping out at me from the screen.

3D, however, must be popular and widely enjoyed or it wouldn’t have caught on and it clearly has.  In a time where mainstream cinema can be summarised in the word ‘epic’ there is obviously something very appealing about being literally surrounded by action sequences, special effects and entire landscapes.  When you’re sitting at home in your 3D glasses watching a film on telly, nothing will take you away from your living room more successfully than the feeling of actually being somewhere else.

3D glasses make a film experience theatrical.  I am a huge fan of the theatre and can therefore completely understand why a person would want to bring the action just a little bit closer to them.  Theatre is immersive, on the whole, and so is 3D.  So perhaps for the epic and truly immersive stuff, 3D will become the only way to go.

On reliantdirect.co.uk, there is a whole range of reboxed electrical products which are all highly reduced.  This pair of 3D rechargeable glasses is so reasonably priced that it won’t matter if you don’t wear them for everything you watch.  They can be brought out just to make movie night that extra bit special.


All the other reduced products can be found following this link:


So perhaps 3D isn’t bad at all and can actually provide viewing enhancements that would otherwise be lost.  However, if it’s all the same to you, I shall continue to watch rom-coms and the news firmly in 2D!

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