$44 Flights From JetBlue for One More Day

JetBlue is known for affordable flights. Many fares are as low as $49 for a one-way flight. The dates for these deals are between October 17 and December 14th, but blackout dates do apply. Some destinations include New York, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and Orlando. International flights are available as well, but they are more expensive. Some international destinations include Cancun, Kingston, and Bogota. You can get JetBlue Plus to earn rewards for travel with JetBlue.

Key Takeaways:

  • JetBlue is an affordable airline with flights to multiple destinations worldwide.
  • Domestic flights are much cheaper than international. You will not get close to the $49 fare on an international flight.
  • You can join JetBlue Plus to accumulate points that can be used with JetBlue for rewards.

“Until the end of today, you can get dozens of one-way flights starting at just $49 for travel between October 17 and December 14th”

Read more: https://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2017/10/44-flights-from-jetblue-for-one-more-day.html

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