8 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On — And How to Stop

Financial responsibility demands fiscal discipline, which requires learning to cut out unnecessary extravagances from everyday life to save money. Some common items that people often spend far too much money on include coffee drinks purchased outside the home rather than made at home, fees from unused or underused gym memberships, expensive work lunches, overdue fees from various sources, designer household products, expensive bar drinks, clothing that is not durably made and that will quickly fall out of style, and unnecessary costs related to transportation. By cutting down on these bad financial habits or replacing them with cheaper, more economic alternatives, individuals can save thousands of dollars every year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pop your morning brew in a reusable cute mug and you get bonus points for being a little greener.
  • This expense is worth getting under control ASAP because sneaky late fees not only rack up quickly, but also aren’t great for our credit.
  • Extra transport expenses are slipping into our lives more quickly than ever!

“There’s a handful of things we all spend too much on, but a few painless tweaks can add up to major savings!”

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