Aldi launches its own luxury ready meals range – at half the price of their posh rivals

One of the most well known and highly shopped at grocery store locations in the country is that of Aldi. Aside from providing shoppers with extremely low prices on good quality groceries and produce, the supermarket company is now launching a program that provides shoppers with luxury and high-end ready made meals for ease and convenience, but also providing these meals at nearly half the price of their other high end rivals and competitors looking to make an extra buck.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aldi is launching a range of ready meals at half the price of their competitors
  • The ready meals will not be considered to be a special buy and will be available year round
  • The speciality ready meals are a part of Aldi’s initiative to offer premium products at amazingly low prices

“While a Charlie Bigham ready meal will usually set you back £7.50 a pop at Sainsbury’s , Aldi’s own premium ready meals will start at just £3.99.”

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