Are Books a thing of the past?

It’s a fairly hot topic at the moment with a new e-reader or tablet being brought out every other week and bookshops closing left right and centre so I’m going to resurrect the argument for the main purposes of airing my own opinions on it.

Should we do away with paper books altogether and just have electric ones?

It seems that there are far more arguments in favour of the tablet or e-reader and here are just a few of them:

  • Lighter: The things themselves weigh very little and you can store huge volumes of literature on them.  The alternative, if you needed that many books on you, would probably be hauling them on some sort of cart.
  • Night time reading: You can read in the dark without straining your eyes.  A lot of the tablets come with a backlight or inbuilt light for dark situations but don’t shine an offensive light in your eyes when you’re trying to read during the day.
  • Environmentally friendly: Less paper pages surely means less trees get cut down to make the paper out of.  It would therefore follow that it makes more environmental sense to have all your books on one paper free device.

And of course I’m sure the pro e-readers out there at the moment will come up with many more reasons.

I, on the other hand, am still firmly gunning for the books.  Maybe it’s that I’m opposed to change of any description and I’m just set in my ways but there’s something so satisfying about finishing a book and finally being able to put it down.  Especially with the larger or more challenging volumes then it is very thrilling to be able to see the bookmark make its way through the pages.

It’s a tactile thing.  The touch and smell of books is something that’s quite unbeatable.  To be able to smell that familiar musk instantly makes me feel intellectual.  Perhaps it does for you too and to be honest, having bookshelves full of books that you’ve actually read and even shelves of books you’re planning to read, gives you a warm glow of success and fulfilment.

Finally, with the latest trend being e-readers then the price of books has fallen and is continuing to fall. The Book People, for example, currently have a fantastic sale of up to 60% off sale on a whole range of products.  For children especially, this would be a fantastic offer to take advantage of.  An e-reader is most certainly not going to inspire a child who mainly looks at the pictures to become a keen reader.  For familiar characters in new and engaging scenarios, you couldn’t do much better than the Disney Princesses collection

Disney Princesses Collection – 8 Books

book princess

However, if you are more interested in the e-reader or tablet, Sainsburys are offering fantastic savings on the new Nook – the world’s best 7” media tablet.

books nook

So, the time has never been better to make up your own mind on the issue or, frankly, enjoy the perks both sides have to offer without ever having to pick one.

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