Chinos – All You Need To Know

Many people are familiar with the name chinos given to a 100% cotton twill fabric used in men’s casual pants. Within this article are some helpful tips when considering not just the feel of a pair of chinos. Knowing colour matches and the type of fit you are looking to achieve can be some of it and others find considering how well they match the entire outfit one is wearing to the look that one is trying to achieve as equally important.

Key Takeaways:

  • For fitting chinos one must consider straight leg, slim fit, and wide leg
  • Consider color after fit, but it’s hard to go wrong with khaki
  • Chinos can end up being the backbone of any outfit rotation for any occasion

“A staple item in many a man’s wardrobe, your chino selection, how you wear them, and what you wear them with, can often make or break your outfit.”

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