Coconut Oil is an Effective Weight Loss Aid

coconut oil

The media displays models and celebrities with near-perfect bodies. Cosmetic surgery clinics have grown more popular with procedures that include liposuction, breast implants, and eye bag removal. In an effort to achieve weight loss perfection with man-created methods, we can forget about our own uniqueness that we are all born with.

Coconut oil, for example, is a saturated fat that has a unique medium chain fatty acid structure, which makes it effective to increase the metabolism and support healthy weight loss. Medium chain fatty acids are a desirable fat source for the human body, as they provide instant energy, and this fat source is utilised as energy, creating thermogenesis in the body.

The Coconut Oil Variety to Eat for Weight Loss

There are two varieties of coconut oil available on the market today. The first is manufactured through the method of cold-press, which is a natural method that maintains its unique fatty acid structure and natural tropical flavour. Coconut oil labelled organic or virgin coconut oil is safe to eat and cook with. It is often more expensive, but a worthwhile investment. The second method goes through a refinement process where the oil is extracted by a machine, bleached, heated to a high temperature, then sodium hydroxide is added to improve its shelf life. The high temperatures kill any germs and spores, but it also removes proteins and minerals. You will notice the difference between refined coconut oil and virgin/organic coconut oil by the price. Coconut Oil UK sells the pure unrefined virgin/organic coconut oil at a great price.

For weight loss, aim to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil daily, or more if you prefer, and use it as a food source for frying, since coconut oil can be heated to very high temperatures without it creating oxidation, or free radical damage. If you are new to coconut oil, try eating coconut oil straight from the fridge, as it will be hardened and taste like a tropical sweet melting on the tongue. At room temperature, coconut oil will turn to liquid. The body will enter thermogenesis, which means that the metabolic rate speeds up. The weight loss effects may not be visible overnight, but fat satisfies the appetite, thereby creating a calorie deficit in the body. Use coconut oil as a fat source for cooking against the cheaper synthetic vegetable oils, which do not contain the natural fatty acid structure to make them safe to use at high temperatures.

The Diverse Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is calorific at around 120 calories per tablespoon, but it also has wonderful anti-fungal benefits. Apply sparingly onto skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. If candida is visible on the skin, for example with athletes foot, apply coconut oil to kill fungi and heal the skin. Coconut oil is also an effective moisture base for the entire body, but apply it sparingly as it is a saturated fat, and a little goes a long way. You will also have the added bonus of smelling like a tropical island. Coconut oil is also a lovely hair conditioner and works as a frizz tamer when you add a little oil to the tips of hair.

Potential Side Effects of Coconut Oil

Too much coconut oil can create side effects like runny stools, or even nausea. The unique anti-fungal benefits of coconut oil may also create in the body a worsening of the condition treated, also known as the herxheimer reaction. This occurs when there is a die-off in the body. It is nothing to worry about, but you may want to reduce the dose of coconut oil until your symptoms improve.


Although coconut oil has had a bad press in the past due to its saturated fat content, the benefits of coconut oil has only increased in recent years. It is an effective weight loss aid; even Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie consumes a tablespoon of coconut oil daily. Apply coconut oil to treat skin conditions, tame frizzy hair, and moisturise the entire body. To get the most benefits from coconut oil, choose virgin or organic coconut oil, over refined coconut oil. You will find that a jar goes a long way.

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