Comic book superhero fan or fanatic

Lovers of comic book superheroes go to the extreme at times, where they dress and mimic these characters. To some, this love and passion for comic book superheroes are embedded to the point where they are compelled to attend all comic book fests and shows. Some go as far as using their favorite characters catch phrase, slowly changing themselves into their greatest superhero.

Should you be a fan or fanatic of comic book superheroes and characters, satisfying your greatest fantasies just got easier. You do not have to take these characters to your neighbours door, but you can do the following:

image1. Order your personalised superhero or favourite character night wear or gowns

2. Have an Adult Slumber party. This may be a great time to catch up with some class mates who shared your passion.image

3. Go online and find places that will allow you the pleasure of virtually transforming into your favourite superhero and character. You get to challenge and fight your superheroes biggest enemies.

image4. Plan in advance and attend comic book superhero and character festivals. This is the best place to realistically explore your greatest fantasy. By doing this you won’t always have to wait for Halloween to express yourself.

Dressing up in a full superhero outfit on a daily basis will be strange for others to see, but with places such as and Menkind, you can wear your favourite superhero character with pride. Choose from a range of superhero bath robes and wear them proudly.image

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