Dear Dad, You’re Very Special To Me

Long gone are the days when “Father” simply meant, a man in relation to his natural child or children. A lot of men today have taken the responsibility to nurture and care for young ones that are in no way related to them. Because of this, “Father” is now used in a more open term to describe a man who adopts or raises a child. These men also come in the form of step parent/dads.

We are aware that not all step parent story ends happy, but in most instances they do. These men, ie. Biological, Adoptive and Step Dads, not only sacrifice their time, but also the little financial means that they may have to ensure the happiness of their “child”. Most Fathers are very proud of their kids, and are in their children eyes their personal Guardian Angel. Whether it is simply to get away from chores or punishment, they can be ‘relied” on. Not only are these fathers their children’s protector and supporter, but they are also their role model and teacher.

For many, words cannot explain or can even describe the feeling and bond that they share with their dad. Therefore, for this Father’s Day, the gifts purchased for the occasion should express just that. With just a few weeks left before the big day, you can give a lot of thought to find that perfect gift to express just how you feel.

Here are some ideas to get you going.

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Bill and Ben the Cartoon Men: Not all men are into the techno stuff and a simple personalised item can mean the world to them. Be creative and cartoonize or Caricature your dad this Fathers Day. Choose from over 120 template themes with prices starting from as little as £29.99.image

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These are just a few options that you can choose from, however when it comes to shopping for your special “Father” that you will never forget, the sky is the limit.

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