Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

This saying would seem to indicate that girls, like magpies, are drawn in by shiny things and require almost no human contact at all to feel completely socially fulfilled.  Though this would be in line with the common assumption that women can reliably be referred to as birds it is actually quite far from the truth.  Women need friends, often other women, to share things with.  These things could include gossip, secrets, laughter and tears but could also include possessions.  Showing off your latest outfit or accessory is common practice and here is where the saying comes in.  A girl might show her diamonds to her best friend before unleashing them on the world.

If it is specifically diamonds that you’re interested in, then a diamond doesn’t have to mean an engagement ring.  When partners hear a female express an interest in diamonds, alarm bells start to ring.  Understandably.  But  diamonds are essential, high end, jewellery items regardless of where, on the body, they are decorating.  Loose diamonds, for example can be used in or on anything.

‘Diamond Manufacturers’ offer a huge range of loose diamonds and they have a wide range of reasons to go to them today for all your diamond needs.  They were voted best customer service in 2012 and can usually guarantee that your diamonds will be 80% cheaper through them than on the high street.  If they aren’t, ‘Diamond Manufacturers’ will refund you double the difference in their guarantee.  They are so well reputed that they have appeared on a range of TV channels worldwide and been featured in the national press publications; The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Daily Express.

With the immaculate diamonds you select online, not only can you be hugely specific about the diamonds you want in terms of shape and clarity, you can mould them to your budget and even go and view them in the London office before committing to the purchase.

Loose diamonds allow you to create your own rings, pendants and earrings or just buy them separately and use them to your own design.  A loose diamond like this sends a pretty clear message and this shape, like all 10 shapes available, can be bought with a varying number of carats and clarity:

diamonds 4

If you want your diamond to be slightly more ambiguous then it might be worth going for a more neutral shape:

diamonds 5

Or any of the others you find online;

If it isn’t loose diamonds that you want, and it’s earrings or the engagement ring that takes your fancy, then Diamond Manufacturers are still very much on your side.  They are currently offering 5% off loose diamonds, engagement rings and earrings.

diamonds 3

If you want to make a girl, or boy, your best friend – potentially for life – then everything is on your side to get you the perfect diamond.

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