Everybody Loves Earrings

It’s a fair point.  For those with pierced ears and even those without – what else are ear lobes actually for? Of course you could start saying something about the biological necessity of bouncing sound off the lobe into the ear drum in order to hear but people wearing earrings hear just fine and in-ear head phones don’t require lobes in order to affect hearing.  So that’s apparently the science out of the way and there is now nothing against wearing earrings all day, every day.  Mind you, I wouldn’t advise wearing some of those really long dangly earrings to bed because that could result in some serious health issues unless you actually sleep ‘like a log’ and I think there’s a reason that’s a simile.

In my personal definitions, earrings divide into studs and dangly earrings, though hoops/sleepers provide something of a problematic third category.  If you have multiple ear piercings, as many people do, one of my most basic tips is to decrease the earrings in size as you get higher up the ear.  For example, just 2 lobe piercings might be best coupled by having a dangly earring closest to the face and a stud behind/above it.

Another handy tip relates to colour, basic knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is a given to most people and for earrings where the metal is coated in plastic, or they are made of coloured plastic then it’s fairly easy to know what works with what but for the metals themselves.  Mixing gold and bronze/copper is an absolute no.  It will make the gold look cheap and the copper look like old/burnished gold.  They are too similar.  Silver and gold or silver and bronze can work together but not very often and it really has to depend on your outfit.  If your outfit makes these combinations work then so can your accessories.  All accessories are based on the outfit.

These dangly earrings show a great combination of metal and colour which would work with a whole range of outfits:

earrings 2


Sometimes different shades of one colour or metals that closely resemble colours can work together creating a slightly more exciting accessory than a standard block colour one:

earrings 3


Earrings can fit in with any type of outfit choice or a personal style.  These studs have a slightly more punky look and interestingly look like they could also be drawing pins, should that be your thing:

earrings 4


Or you can have earrings in more striking colours against a darker outfit to really highlight your face and draw attention to what’s between the ears, like these vintage looking dangly earrings:

earrings 6


They can even be used to make a statement about just how dangly earrings can be:

earrings 5


That’s about as dangly as it gets.

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