First Dates

First Dates; some people can just make them work.  Others – less so.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the lack of research on the subject I might suggest that one’s ability to negotiate a first date was a genetic gift.  Regardless of whether or not you find first dates a thrilling adventure or a sweat inducing nightmare, everyone has their first date stories.  If you don’t, you need to go on more first dates.

Personally, first dates turn me into a strangely over eager version of myself.  This person asks a lot of questions, forgets all the answers and consequently has to ask them again on the second date – If there is a second date.  However, I think I prefer this technique to an awkward silence.  That never leads to a second date.

Going back to the first date; here are some ideas you might like to try:

  1. Cinema and a meal

It’s standard.  It’s easy.  It’s probably the most obvious choice there is but actually, there’s a reason for that.  Whether you met online, boldly asked out a stranger, even more bravely said yes to a stranger or you’re friends taking it to the next level you can all benefit from this first date.  The film gives you something to discuss over dinner.  It kick starts the conversation and the choice of film is an immediate indication of your shared interests.

  1. Just a meal

If you’re looking for a date where the timings are more under your control than they are in a cinema then it might be worth just sticking to the dinner side of affairs.  It’s an easy way to find out some basics about your date; allergies, eating habits, likes/dislikes for example.  You can also discuss the menu, ambience and fellow diners – to name a few, so that the conversation potential is just as rich as if you had enjoyed a 3 hour action movie beforehand.

  1. The great outdoors

This is your chance to do something a little bit seasonal (as in the four seasons not festive) and really take advantage of what Mother Nature is providing for you.  The obvious one is a picnic for the summer but you might also want to experiment with nature trails, long walks, snowball fights and flower picking.  However, be warned, you might think there are plenty of places to hide in the outside world but you may well find it to be more intimate than anywhere inside.

  1. Crafts

It wasn’t an idea I had ever considered until a friend mentioned they’d recently been on a first date to a place where you paint pottery and pick it up, glazed, a few days later.  As a first date it actually makes perfect sense.  Your mind is focussed on the craft at hand so the conversation can flow a lot more freely.  You can show off some skills you have or level the playing field with something you are both new to.  And if this turns out to be the start of a beautiful romance, you will always have a memento of your very first date.

These are only a few ideas and the options are practically infinite.  If you don’t have anyone to take on a first date, or you’re waiting to be taken on one yourself then perhaps a foray into internet dating will point you in the right direction.  A free trial on Be2 might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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