Get £90 off iPhone 8 pre-orders with this insane Carphone Warehouse deal

The internet has been going crazy about the release of the new iPhone 8, but many are dreading the heightened costs that go along with purchasing it this early. Fortunately, this Carphone Warehouse deal will allow potential consumers to get over £90 off the initial purchase. The well-known cashback reward site called Quidco is giving consumers this awesome deal in order to lower the cost to them while still presenting them with the experience of owning the most popular phone of the season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whether you want the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus, Carphone Warehouse is offering £90 off your overall payment for the new iPhone.
  • Carphone Warehouse also offers plans as low as £49 a month for users who open up an account along with their iPhone purchase.
  • By joining Quidco, they will direct you to the Carphone Warehouse for your purchase in order for you to receive the specified discount.

“Apple’s latest iPhone has just hit the shelves, retailing at a whopping £699. But if you shop wisely, you can shave £90 off the price of your new device.”

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