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The love for reading and books in general is a double combination that many hate. It’s not a natural love that grows for many and is something that requires persistence and a lot of work. Many adults find it hard to simply sit and read a book and sadly this habit is passed onto their kids. Due to technology help is here. Teachers of grade classes claim to see a massive improvement in reading and school grades when the Harry Potter books and movie series were released. The book and movie were well reviewed and became a major hit among the young and even some adults. Although the grades and reading improved, it did not miraculously happen overnight. With the involvement of the teachers and parents this great achievement happened.

Support from school teachers and friends

Many teachers got involved and read many of the Harry Potter book series in their classes, nurturing a desire in the students to do more on their own. This was also strengthened when students got together in groups challenging each other to ascertain who can complete the full series first. There is a new book and movie series that is catching the attention of the young masses. It is the Percy Jackson series. This book like the Harry Potter book is not an easy book to read but help is at hand.

Audio/Digital Books


With all the media props and coverage given to the Harry Potter series many students wanted to get involved. Due to challenges met in reading the books, Audio/Digital books came into play. With regular use of the Audio/Digital Books, many students who experienced challenges when reading saw a major improvement in their reading within one year. This improvement in reading had a ripple effect improving their overall school grade. The great news is that the Percy Jackson series is also available in the Audio/Digital form.

This passion for the Harry Potter series was simply not a passing phase as many who kept up with their reading through Audio/Digital Books were able to produce fantastic grades for years thereafter. Research has shown that with the assistance of parents, teachers and Audio Books, a major reduction in illiteracy should be seen in years to come. Parents are advised to nurture this desire at an early age by creating an environment where it will be a joy and not a chore to read.

Parents are also advised to stick with books that their children are interested in as this encourages them to read more and spend time with them as this will encourage them to complete their goals.



Audio books are available in many shops online and are also available in a wide selection of Genres such as comedy, science fiction, adventure, fantasy and much more.

The Second Movie in the Percy Jackson series is out, but your kids can stay ahead with the: Percy Jackson: The Complete Series (Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


The full package can be found at

Read and enjoy.

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