How to Save on Group Travel With Cards That Let You Pool Miles With Friends

When traveling with friends, family, or other large groups, there are an array of opportunities and things to consider in order to have a successful trip. By working together and coordinating in regards to expenses and payments on behalf of each person, the group can better manage their resources, save money, and implement a vacation style throughout their trip that will ultimately lead to a far more relaxing and enjoyable trip as they go along their journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chase Ultimate Rewards Points has many great transfer partners, making it less of a hassle to top off a friend, or family member’s, account.
  • Citi, Prestige and ThankYou Preferred cards allow users to share up to 100,000 ThankYou points in a calendar year.
  • American Express platinum card users can share their 60,000 bonus for signing up with an authorized user.

“The Hawaiian Airlines credit cards enable cardholders to share miles with family and friends free of charge. Sort of. The catch is that only transfers to the cardholder’s account are free. Cardholders can receive up to ten transfers a year, which is still pretty generous.”

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