Mineral supplements and your health

Due to poor dieting, many are resorting to supplements to make up for the pertinent nutrients not received through their daily meals. These supplements are not only taken by the ordinary person but is now a fad among many who have a strict and rigid exercise routine.


Taking dietary supplements are now the norm, however the big question is are they necessary? Here are some things to consider before implementing a regular intake of supplements in your diet.

Are there any risks involved in taking the products?

While a dosage is recommended, what is the proper amount to take?

How should these be taken? When should these be taken and for how long?

What are the benefits of these supplements to me?


If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then a little more research should be done before starting.

Supplements today include herbals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and many other products and come in the form of powders, energy bars, drinks, tablets and capsules. The most popular forms of supplements are fish oils, vitamins such as D and E and minerals such as iron and calcium.


These Supplements may assist your body in getting an adequate amount of essential nutrients but they are not to be used as a replacement for important nutritious foods.

Most supplements are beneficial for overall health and can be used to manage some health conditions such as the following:

Certain birth defects are decreased by folic acid

The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils are known to help some with heart disease.


There are some risks as follows:

Should you be on a prescribed drug then supplements should not be taken as they may conflict with each other causing problems.

Be cautious in taking dietary supplements during pregnancy or while nursing.

Should you be on chemotherapy, watch the intake of antioxidants supplements such as vitamin E and C as they may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

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As advised dietary supplements are not for everyone however should you have concerns, you can refer to your Doctor for the best option available for you.

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