Most Brits worries about savings – so this is how to boost yours

With wage growth not keeping apace with inflation, many Brits are finding it challenging to save money, according to a report from Aldermore Bank. Making slight changes to one’s saving habits can make a difference. Saving small amounts regularly and looking around for the best interest rates can boost savings over the long run. Other tips to building up savings include working towards a savings goal, saving loose change, event-driven savings, and tracking one’s progress.

Key Takeaways:

  • A report by Aldermore Bank says that most Brits are finding it challenging to save money.
  • Small changes in savings habits, like committing to saving a little amount regularly, can make a real difference.
  • People can save more by saving spare cash, motivating themselves with a savings goal, and tracking their progress.

“Pressure on household finances due to wages not keeping up with the ever-rising cost of living means many people simply can’t afford to save.”

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