Pet Safety this Spring

Not only are we excited to see and experience the change in the weather, but so do our pets. While we are busy “spring cleaning”, our pets will be busy experiencing the outdoors. This will be the time that not only would they get up close and personal with nature, but they will also bring home some unwelcome critters. It is at times like these that the lovely weather, can be not so nice for curious pets.

In order to safeguard ourselves and our pets, it is wise to take note of potential dangers not only around the home, but in our daily routine with our pets. Firstly, you need to resist the urge to give your pets your favourite spring treats. Chocolate goodies are toxic to cats and dogs, thus this treat is a no no.

imageKeep your pets away from your plants. Cats especially like to nibble on colourful grass, however, these sometimes obstruct their digestive tract causing serious vomiting and dehydration. This does not mean that you can’t plant your beautiful flowers. Fencestore has a wide range of fencing, appropriate enough to keep your pets away from destroying, as well as eating your lovely garden.

Get a good window Screen or Blind. Our windows are now going to be open almost 100% of the time, thereby attracting our cats and dogs to go outside. This may endanger them as they can fall out the window. Putting up or changing our windows are not necessary as putting up a simple window screen or blind will do. 247 Blinds are offering 62% off on a wide selection of blinds. These will allow you to enjoy the fresh spring air and at the same time keep your pets safe. Should a screen be in place, ensure that this is tightly wedged into window frames.image

Planning on taking your pet for a ride? Then Buckle Up! Animals love to feel the wind in their face, however allowing then to stick their heads out the window while driving, or riding in the back of pick-up trucks can be dangerous. Pets should always be secure as flying debris and insects can cause serious damage to them. has a wide variety of seat belt harness and travel carriers that will not only keep your pets safe, but secure.image

This is also our time to Spring Clean. Most chemicals used or sold commercially are harmful to our pets. Carefully read labels and follow proper storage direction. With Garden Buildings Direct, we can store all our chemicals in a place far from the reach of innocent children and animals.image

Keeping your garden beautiful may also need a lot of care, thus it is also wise to secure your insecticides and herbicides. Read the labelling instructions carefully and store out of the way and reach of children and pets. Should you decide to make use of the beautiful weather and complete home improvements, store solvents and paints carefully. This can be toxic, causing irritation or chemical burns if contacted to skin. Likewise, labels should be properly read and stored carefully. Be cautious of physical danger such as nails or staples that may be lying around. Should the home improvement project be extensive, then it may be wise to designate a room for pets until project is complete.

Pets at home has a wide selection of kennels that will surely keep your pets safe.image

Not only do we experience allergies, but so do our pets. Allergic reactions may come in the form of sniffling or sneezing, and can be triggered by dust, pollen or maybe even a certain food. Should these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to immediately visit your vet. As a precautionary measure you can give your pets supplements to help ward off the unwelcomed allergy.image

We may not be able to keep our pets indoors, but we certainly can take all the necessary steps to keep them safe this spring.

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