Plan your best 21st century bash with these gadgets

You can take the easier route and hire a party planner to arrange your greatest and best party, but this may not be the most cost effective way. There are a lot of elements involved in the planning process of a party and before you know it, your bill can be in the thousands. You can however get your act together and plan your own memorable 21st century bash. With the right amount of planning and time, you can enjoy your event whilst cutting cost.

The first step is to set a date and time for your event, and send out the invites. This can be done through one text on your smartphone or through the traditional route “paper invites”. The traditional route would require cards while the modern route is done through one text requiring only your personal message and cell phone numbers attached to names. Should you not have a smartphone, now may be the time to upgrade. Carphone Warehouse have phone plans available from £17 per month, Tesco Mobile £7.50 per month and Phones4U £15 and above. They all have a wide selection of smartphones available some which can be purchased outright for at least £50.


The next step is the look. Your decor and lighting can say a lot about you hence you can go a step further by personalising your banners giving your party your personal touch. Monster Parties can make this happen with personalised banners from as little as £3.99. For the perfect lighting you can visit SIMPLY LED or LED HUT and choose from a range of coloured bulbs and flood lights. These lights are remote controlled, instantly changing the mood in any room of your home creating whichever mood or setting you prefer.


Flameless candles are also classy thus once placed in several locations of the home, this can lighten up your setting creating a bit of magic.

The next important item on your list is your drinks and food.

image You can visit Ocado online and get £20 off your first shop. Limited edition wines are also available for 2 for £12. imageYou can also bag a deal with Tesco and Waitrose, getting as much as £10 off your first shop.


Your now down to your music. With an IPod you can create magic. You can even accessorise your iPod to tap into your guests singing talents, creating a Karaoke session. All you need is a portable PA System for your iPod with a mike, amp and iPod dock and your ready to go. You can save up to 30% on Portable PA Systems at Gear4music.


Your now set and ready to go. To deal with the aftermath you need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. Get a cordless vacuum cleaner from Gtech and save yourself the hastle of carrying around cords.


These items are all reusable and will save you lots in the future. Therefore what are you waiting for? Get your party going.

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