Plant gifts, tools and accessories… boy do I need a break!

Tired of flowers that wither away after a few days? How about a tree that will grow and last a lifetime! If you are looking for plant gifts then Its an amazing feeling to send a tree as a gift, it affords both sender and recipient with long lasting memories and its also good for the environment. Here you will find many options for fruit trees, shrubs, flower plants and more. And don’t worry about the hassle, all of your orders will be delivered straight to your door.


Tree2mydoor is an incredible family run business. The idea for the business came when Gareth, the company founder, wanted to send his parents some fruit trees as gifts for Christmas. After searching feverishly on the internet, he was disappointed that there was no existing company that could supply trees as gifts. He then decided to set up a business that would provide such a service. He set up in 2002 and has had enormous growth since then. They supply a range of trees and plants that are individually boxed with personalised greeting cards and also a very informative care guide. And get this: As a Tree2mydoor account holder you automatically collect loyalty points with every purchase and you will receive freebies and offers from time to time.


Having a a lovely flower garden or beautiful plants around your home doesn’t have to be difficult. At you will find the quality plant gifts and supplies you need to get started. They pride themselves in delivering healthy plants that are affordable and grow well, even with the changing seasons. You will never be disappointed with your purchases. Maybe you have a particular interest in seeds or bulbs, This amazing store offers quite a variety and the prices are also amazing. And don’t you dare worry about gardening tools, at BloomingDirect you will find a wide range of tools to choose from. They also carry other essentials such as bird feeders, hanging baskets, pots, and even lawn-care accessories.All their items are priced a lot lower than you will find anywhere else, so there’s no need to hesitate when buying your gardening and landscaping supplies at this store. And even if you’re a bit confused about what to plant or what to buy there’s no need to worry. Blooming Direct has a panel of experts in the field who can inform and advise you before you make your purchases.


You must be a bit tired after all this gardening, why not take a short break and relax a bit. Imagine Ireland is the UK’s leading specialist for self-catering holidays in Ireland. For over 12 years they have been providing vacationers with exceptional service and high quality properties. Short Breaks in Ireland are extremely popular, and more holiday cottages now offer short breaks all year round. With a unique selection of properties, you will be sure to find your ideal Irish holiday cottage and even get a discount for staying less days. Your holiday of a life-time awaits you!

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