Stocking Fillers: Yay or Nay?

As the dust of Christmas clears and the mountains of wrapping paper are taken to the dump in good conscience (only to be found that the majority aren’t recyclable anyway), we ask what other parts of this festive system might be reused.

So how useful are stocking fillers?

I love a stocking as much as the next person but I love them because I love that early morning excitement of waking up to find that ‘Santa’ has been and the whole day starts differently to any other day of the year.  But although the presents are thoughtful and lovely little things, I find that all too often I find these little bits of stationary or nail varnish untouched and perfectly preserved at the bottom of a drawer sometime around August.

This leads me to the conclusion, why let them go to waste?  If my personal experiences are anything to go by; I open each new stocking present convinced that this one will be really useful and I will definitely incorporate it into my routine but a lot of the time, I don’t.  So why not keep them all in a pile, unopened and preserved, to become the birthday presents for your friends for the rest of the year?

Of course the problem comes when the presents are gendered or specific enough that it’s clear that you’ve recycled your own gifts for someone else, but surely it’s a great way to spend less and waste nothing.

Shops love to capitalise on the ‘stocking filler’ idea to shift large amounts of stock in ‘3 for 2 stocking fillers’ or similar deals.  This means that when the Christmas buying period is over but the stock is still floating around, these 3 for 2s become 5 items for £5 or even cheaper deals.  This is the ultimate opportunity to buy the rest of your birthday gifts!  Who cares if all your friends get the same travel comb in different colours if it’s a really great travel comb?!

So, stocking fillers become a money saving solution that means you get great gifts and no guilt about not using them because your nearest and dearest get the very same great gifts.

One word of caution: Don’t give recycled stocking gifts to your family.  You can never be quite certain on which of them was ‘Mr Christmas’ for that particular gift this year.

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