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We have come a long way over the past few years with the emergency of eco friendly products. We can now care for our clothes with environmentally friendly laundry products that care for our skin, whilst also protecting the environment and minimising damage to sea and bird life. They are also affordable. Skincare has also become free of parabens and other cheap ingredients like the foaming agent, sodium lauryl sulfate. Finally, household cleaning products are safe and chemical free. Ethical Superstore has thousands of eco friendly items to protect you and your family, your home environment, and the external environment at affordable prices.

Find Eco Friendly Cleaning & Household Products at Affordable Prices Through Ethical Superstore

Top brands of ethical products in the cleaning and household category include EcoZone, Ecover, Bio-D, and Method. In this category, Ethical Superstore also sell recycled toilet tissue, bin bags and foil, light bulbs, cloths and mops, air fresheners and dehumidifiers, plastic free products, and media players and chargers.

Although the price of some of these items may be more expensive than chemical detergents that are sold in the supermarkets, Ethical Superstore sells eco friendly washing up liquid and laundry detergent in 1 or 5 litre bottles, so you can purchase these at affordable prices and store them away to refill and last over the year. Remember that any item that you buy from Ethical Superstore is benefiting the external environment, so you are making a huge change and reducing your carbon footprint, as it often explained by the Government and other agencies.

Ethical Fashion & Jewellery by Fair Traders

Ethical Superstore stocks a wide range of eco-friendly fashion for women and men, plus jewellery and watches. Designer fashion includes those by People Tree, Thought Clothing, Marzipants, and Komodo.

People Tree sells t-shirts, sports tops, underwear, tote bags, and more. Their ethical fashion brand actively supports 2000 farmers and artisans across fifty fair trade producer groups throughout fifteen developing countries.

Thought Clothing, (formerly Braintree Clothing) is an eco friendly sustainable clothing brand that has some stylish pieces. They are now known as one of the UK’s leading eco fashion brands, and they use a variety of fabrics, including rayon, bamboo, tencel, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsibly sourced wool. Every member of staff employed by Thought Clothing is paid a fair wage and protected from discrimination.

Marzipants is the clothing range inspired by designer, Maree, who saw Thai fisherman wearing uniquely designed trousers. She tweaked their design and turned them into a contemporary fit and style trouser. Each fashion item is fair trade and hand made by 28 women in India, who are paid a fair wage and are able to support both their families and their local community.

Komodo is a unique eco friendly shoe and clothing brand that relies on its use of organic cotton and eco friendly fabrics and dyes. Products are available for both men and women. This fair trade business applies traditional local manufacturing skills to product its items, where possible. The designer behind the Komodo brand, Joe Komodo started out by recycling old jeans into patchwork jackets, but his eco friendly fashion has expanded since it was founded in 1988.

Eco Friendly Beauty & Cosmetics

Whatever you need in relation to beauty and cosmetics, Ethical Superstore stocks a wide range of bath and body, skincare, hair care, dental care, feminine care, make up and fragrance, grooming, travel accessories, and much more.

Reasons to Buy From Ethical Superstore

As well as its wide variety of ethical products to benefit your home and the environment, Ethical Superstore offers free delivery on orders over £50, plus a 30-day no quibble returns policy. When you spend £70 save £10 with discount code: X10LTW.

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