Support the Impoverished and Visually Impaired With A Donation To Charity

There are a lot of charities promoted online like Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation, who get regular donations in various ways and can afford to advertise for donations online. However, other charities also deserve your support and this article will list two lesser-known charities, The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association and Oxfam.

Train Guide Dog Puppies With A Donation To The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association

The main website provides more information about what this charity does in helping to support the visually impaired by training up puppies to become guide dogs. This gives visually impaired persons independence, helping them to have a better quality of life. Visitors to the site can make a regular monthly donation, or a one-time donation. Examples of where your money helps are displayed online. For example, £15 will buy a lead for a working guide dog. If you are ambitious and would like to raise money for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, why not browse the different ways in which you can help. For example, you could campaign, rehome a guide dog, volunteer your time and support, fundraise, get involved with challenge events, or even involve your company.

Amazing Gifts From Guide Dogs at Dogalogue

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association website has a link to the ‘shop’, which takes you directly to the Dogalogue website where you can buy stationery, gifts, clothing, dog gifts, home and outdoor, and there are always great product offers online starting from just £5.99 for a folding bag. When you buy through Dogalogue you are supporting the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, plus there is free delivery on orders over £35 or over. Treat yourself, your loved one, or even buy a toy for a guide dog puppy. There is something for everyone, and you are helping to support the visually impaired every time you buy through Dogalogue. For dog lovers, this website is amazing, especially for scarveshats, and clothing.

The Oxfam Online Shop for Vintage Clothing and Ethically Sourced Products

There are many ways in how Oxfam supports causes worldwide, including empowering women, fighting poverty, growing vegetables, filling classrooms, and drilling wells. There are a great many options when you shop online, including the vintage section where you can browse the stylish clothing, or browse by fabrics or decades, for example. Vintage pieces start from just £9.99, and there is a clothing section for both men and women. Perhaps you are a book lover and Oxfam has tens of thousands of books across various categories, including poetry, music and stage, and health and lifestyle.

Entertainment includes vinylCDs, and DVDs, while collectable pieces cover stampscoinsoriginal art, and more.  Whatever you are looking for, with Oxfam’s easy website navigation, you will find it effortlessly.

If you care for your skin and the environment, you will love the sourced by Oxfam section where you can buy Faith in Nature products exclusively. There are shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and deliciously scented soaps to choose from, which care for your skin, and are free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a common foaming agent found in most products. The food and drink products sold by Oxfam are also ethical and fair trade, which support in paying a fair wage to the people who make these food products.

If you prefer to donate to Oxfam, you can choose to make a monthly or one-time donation, and you can know exactly how your money changes lives. For example, a one-time donation of £42 will provide water to three villages, which is an worthwhile investment to enhance the lives of others. If you have items that you want to donate to Oxfam, the handy website allows you to find your nearest donation point, and gift aid will enhance your donation by a further twenty five percent, where Oxfam reclaims the tax from UK taxpayer donations.

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