The luxury beauty advent calendar that’s being ordered 33 times a minute

A makeup company named Liberty has created a “beauty” advent calendar which reveals a new makeup product for each date on the calendar. The calendar itself costs 175 pounds and has attracted many buyers causing hundreds to line up outside storefronts to purchase the calendar. Further, over half the stock had sold out online before the doors of the physical store even opened that morning at 8.30am. Several calendars included a gift card to celebrate the anniversary of the company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberty’s pricey beauty advent calendar is enjoying strong demand since its recent launch.
  • Demand is strongest among men, who seem eager to buy them as holiday gifts for their partners.
  • The calendar is only available at regular price in Liberty’s London store, or at a hefty premium online.

“Over half of the stock had sold online before the doors opened at 8.30am – that’s 33 per minute – making it the fastest selling, and most successful product in the company’s 147 year history.”

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