The Pollen Plague

After taking its sweet time – Spring has finally arrived.  It had almost got to the stage where we believed it to be taking a holiday of its own and completely by passing us this year.  However, the daffodils are opening, the sun is shining and people are sneezing.  That’s right, as delighted as we all are to finally see Mr Sunshine there will be those of us out there who can barely see him at all through the stream of hayfever induced tears.

Of course, it might be that there are some things that the warmer weather brings that we have no interest in seeing.  People getting far too much flesh out and simultaneously forgetting the basics of personal hygiene is a classic.  A friend of mine was on the tube on one of the warmest days this far and a gentleman had taken the opportunity to go topless for the day.  The train stopped rather abruptly at the station and this friend of mine was propelled face first into his armpit…my ‘friend’ was less than amused.

On the other hand, the good far outweighs the bad in springtime so an argument in the defence of hayfever is always going to be a weak one.  Hayfever is one of those frustrating things that can plague you regardless of where you are of what time of day it is.  So long as there is pollen in the vicinity and air to carry it into your nose, you will be suffering.  Frustratingly, hayfever is so common that – much like the common cold – it never quite gets the sympathy it deserves.

Waking up sneezing and snivelling with running eyes just because you left a window open or a family member has some flowers in a vase in the house doesn’t seem quite fair and you don’t necessarily want to become dependent on the hayfever medications that are so readily available.

Hayfever can feel like it’s a punishment for enjoying flowers and the pollen that comes with them and perhaps it can be accepted as a necessary evil of the season when you’re outside in Mother Nature’s domain, but when hayfever affects you inside too it’s just not fair.

This Sharps air purifier takes the impurities, like pollen, out of the air surrounding it so that you can breathe freely and normally in the same room as the purifier.  Luckily for you, the hayfever season has happened to collide with a great special offer on this air purifier – you can get 50% off by clicking on the link below! What could be simpler to make hayfever a thing of the past?

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Allergy and Hayfever Relief

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