Through the Looking Glass(es)

Contrary to the belief of the average playground bully, glasses are not a cause for ridicule.  Thanks to a series of glasses wearing, pop culture heroes and heroines the days of ‘four eyes’ seem to be well and truly behind us (thank you Doctor Who!).  And it is definitely not just children who are benefitting from the glasses trend.  All the fashion groups have their own glasses designs which have fast become almost uniquely associated with them.  Even people with 20:20 vision are jumping on the band wagon as companies bring out glasses with absolutely no prescription or just the frames.  Who’d have thought glasses would become a necessary accessory?

Designers have been bringing out glasses designs for years but as their popularity grows so does the amount of choice available for the average consumer – especially from the designers.  The only thing really holding a person back from getting designer frames is the designer price tag.  Luckily, the SmartBuyGlasses sale is on and the reductions make the choices so much clearer.

These big Givenchy frames are not subtly giving the wearer sharper visual resolution, these glasses are a statement and they want to be looked at.


They have been rightfully labelled as unisex specs, they bring a sexy androgyny to the wearer.  The slight angles at the top of the frame prevent the wide eyed innocent look of the typically hippy glasses and give these, already bold, frames just a bit more attitude.

These Rodenstocks, on the other hand, are almost invisible.  The slight intrusion of the frame onto the actual surface of the glass is probably the only indication that this person is wearing glasses at all – that and the light bouncing off their eyes.

glasses 3

These glasses seem to say, I wear glasses but I don’t have to shout about it.  They offer a delicacy and light touch to the look which highlights professionalism as more of a priority than style.

For something of a mid point, these Tommy Hilfigers might be considered.  The frames are defined without drawing attention to themselves and the shape is angular without any aggressively sharp corners.

glasses 4

The three tone style of the frames gradually softens them so that they are not seen to be dominating the face but rather accommodating it’s capacity for change and it’s clear the size is just large enough that the darker frames won’t impinge on the peripheral vision of the wearer, which can be a problem in heavy frames of a thinner overall shape.

This is just a tiny sample of the choices available on SmartBuyGlasses.  I feel certain that you will be able to find a designer frame at a non designer price in a style that will suit you down to the ground.  The whole world will seem a lot brighter when you’re in glasses that give you the confidence to hold your head high.

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