Treat yourself to a Personalised plant gift

Spring is here and you sure cant miss it. The daylight has lengthened, and the dandelions are in full bloom. Lovers of gardening are cleaning out their sheds and are heading straight to their gardens. It is a time to plant, and watch your favourite plant bloom.

Spring does not only bring with it renewed plant life, but lots of other life and attractions that many look forward to. A couple of these are the increase in bird life, and the appearance of squirrels. For lovers of plants however, it’s all about the gardening. The Daffodils, Tulip Trumpets, bluebells, Magnolia and Dandelions.

There are some magnificent offers on some of these plants, and now is the best time to utilise them. With specials such as 6 plants for £6, and 3 plants for £15, these offers can’t be missed. You may even know someone who loves plants. Why don’t you make a gift of plants. Celebrate that special occasion in style. Thus whether its an engagement, birthday, housewarming, retirement, new baby gifts, and anniversaries, there’s a plant for every occasion.

Plant nurseries are available in several locations throughout the UK, with hundreds of plants and flowers to choose from. These can all be personalised and gift wrapped as a perfect present. With precious names to choose from, this can help the recipient appreciate the gift even more. This will ensure that you will always be remembered for your gift and thoughtfulness. You can even treat yourself with a special plant with your name. Why not give it a try. It is definitely worth the effort and you will certainly be proud of your personalised gift.

Memorial or tribute flowers are also available for that lost loved one on pet. This process allow many the experience of rebirth that last a lifetime.

Here are a sampling of plants available during this beautiful spring:

Coblands– 11% off entire range on plants








Hayloft -10% off your first order


Harrod Horticultural – 50% off on selected Netting Plantsimage

Plant me now– 6 for £6 on bedding starter plants


Jersey Plants Direct– Fuchsia (Trailing) 6 Jumbo Ready Plants for £9.99image








Thompson and Morgans – 60% off on a wide selection of plants


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