Why We Should Love Ethical Companies

If you care about your environment, you’ll also care about where products are sourced. The skin, for example, is the largest living breathing organ in the human body and whatever we place upon it is absorbed. Good skincare shouldn’t cost the earth, which is why I’d love to be an ambassador for ethical companies like Akoma Skincare. Personally, I have been using their products for several years. I can highly recommend the Ghana Black Soap as a body wash and shampoo, and fair-trade and organic shea butter. Both products give the skin a natural glow. When we buy from Akoma, we are also supporting their trade. They also well ingredients that you can use to make your own skincare product, including coconut oil, raw shea butter, and cocoa butter.


We’ve all heard about probiotics and how they improve our gut bacteria, but what about the strains of bacteria in probiotics. It’s easy to pop a pill, but what about a drink that contains 13 strains of probiotic bacteria, each providing their own unique health benefits. Small ethical companies like Microbz deserve credit, as they are creating products that not only benefit our gut health, but also the health of our pets, and our environment. I can highly recommend Biolive Dark and Biolive Gold. Once you get past the sour taste, it’s time to thank the Good Lord for products such as these that are helping to heal our bodies in this poisonous ill world. I’ve yet to try the deodorant and toothpaste, because of their price, but I hope to treat myself in the future. Their multi surface cleaner might seem an expensive product, but you need to mix only a small amount with plain water to get a powerful household cleanser for the kitchen. I have an older version of the power cleaner and I still have half a bottle left, and I bought it in 2017. These germ killing adverts highlight the fact that we must have no germs in the house, but when we use probiotic cleaning products, they help to balance our environment and also save us money. You’ll never regret going back to chemical laden cleaning products. It is up to us to spread the awareness of health friendly ethical companies like Microbz.


Fluoride has been long considered healthy for our teeth, but some consider otherwise. Even without the use of fluoride the enamel on the teeth is the hardest substance in the human body. Creating balance in the mouth must be the aim, and there are many ways in which to do this. Oil pulling with coconut oil, for example, helps to remove bacteria from in between the teeth, which can lead to plaque and potential gum disease, but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea having to swill coconut oil in the mouth for up to twenty minutes. Personally, I’ve been using fluoride free toothpaste for years and my teeth are fine, just slightly sensitive. I buy from ethical companies like Georganics, and highly recommend their biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes and natural toothpaste (the english peppermint is lovely) and I even make my own toothpaste mixing bicarbonate of soda with coconut oil and a few drops of orange essential oil. The foaming agents in most toothpastes make us feel like we are thoroughly cleaning our mouths, but these foams are not necessary to clean the teeth. Have you even checked the abrasiveness of your toothpaste. It might surprise you!




Have you ever received one of those envelopes containing offers like shaving kits or affordable wine cases, well some of the products on those advertisements are from ethical companies like Pact Coffee. I’ve had to stop my fortnightly coffee subscription, as I have so much coffee to drink, but I love the ethos of this company, as they travel to various countries meting the farmers and creating a taste sensation like no other. I love reading the little cards that you receive with each pack where you find out about the farmers. I’d highly recommend this company, and if you’d like to try their coffee, use the promo code below to save £5 off your first order. Plus you’ll receive your own promo code on your coffee pack to share with your friends, so they can save £5 and you’ll also receive £5 credit to save on your next coffee. Remember, it’s a coffee subscription, so you can receive coffee as frequently (or less often) as you want.

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