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Kids' Cocoonz

Price: £ 64.99
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After the success of the original Cocoonz comes the kids' version - the Kids' Cocoonz. The premise remains essentially the same as the grown-up version, it's a sleeping bag suit that gives you total freedom of movement. So no longer will your kids be confined to hopping around sack-race style at Scout camp, they'll be able to run around and terrify Akela in the middle of the night. These sleeping bag suits are just the ticket for family camping holidays, Cub and Scout camping, sleep-overs and generally rejecting the advances of the British winter. Or if you're just keen to save on your heating bills, just kit your family out in Cocoonz and you'll be sorted. Features-wise, these suits pack in a whole load of useful innovations. The hoods are elasticated, there's a kangaroo pouch and pockets on the chest and legs for keeping whatever it is kids keep in their pockets (usually penny sweets and a copy of The Beano, isn't it?), and there's even some elastic in the ankles so that the material doesn't bunch up as they walk around. A pocket just below the neck for an MP3 Player or mobile phone means the most important things are safe and easy to access, and they've even put little name labels in them to save mums everywhere sewing them in. Basically, these are great items for a variety of uses, but the main advantage is still that kids can run about in a sleeping bag that will keep them toasty and dry. They're available in pink or blue and in small or large, so no-one will be complaining that you dress all your children in the exact same way. Functional, cool (but not, if you see what we mean) and essential for outdoor and indoor kids. Kids' Cocoonz are essentially sleeping bags for kids that enable the user to have full movement. Pockets on torso and leg. Kangaroo pouch. Extra pocket for MP3 Player/mobile phone. Soles have rubber attached to prevent slipping. Elasticated hood and ankles to avoid bunching up around the feet. Filled with polyester taffeta/polyester diamond. Available in pink or blue. Temperature Suitability:- Comfortable: 7°C/45°F. Limit Temperature: 2°C/36°F. Extreme Temperature: -13°C/9°F. Weight: 1.42 kg or 1.56 kg, depending on size. Size:- Small: height 150 cm/59 inches. Large: height 165 cm/65 inches.

Kids' Cocoonz
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